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When it comes to shopping for a new area rug; you might ask yourself, why spend the higher ticket price on a Handmade Area Rug? With so many machine made and hand tufted area rug options, is it really worth ditching out over the extra cash for a Handmade Area Rug?

Why Choose a Handmade Area Rug

Many different parts of the world create hand-knotted area rugs. From Iran to Pakistan to India, all are major players in the trade of hand crafted carpets and all of them produce an exceptional product. Generally speaking, when you purchase a Handmade Area Rug, you are purchasing an item that has been made to last. The craftsman called upon to make these rugs usually always use better area rug materials than your average hand tufted or machine made area rug. Each area rug is hand-knotted which does away with the latex glue that is called upon in hand-tufted construction.

More attention to detail is given to Handmade Area Rugs as they take longer to make and require skill to create. One 8×10 hand-knotted area rug out of India for example, usually takes two weavers around 6-8 months to make depending on knot count. Compare that to 1-2 weeks for a hand tufted of the same size. Better construction and better materials lead to a longer life span. While most hand-tufted and machine made area rugs have a life expectancy of 5-10 years, Handmade Area Rugs can last for generations. A true testament to quality materials, incredible craftsmanship and products that are built to last.

Another added bonus of a Handmade Area Rug purchase is that they have an inherent value. This means that if down the road you are looking to change your décor, many professional area rug retailers will take your current rug/carpet as a trade and give you a credit towards a new area rug. This does not apply to hand-tufted or machine made area rugs as these particular rugs carry no value. It’s the same concept as trading in a used car for money towards a new one. Just because the current area rug you have no longer works for you, chances are it can work for someone else. Make sure to always keep that in mind.

Additionally, when it comes to maintenance and performance, hand-knotted area rugs can’t be beat. Rugs comprised of wool are usually stain resistant for up to a few seconds. This means that when the dreaded food stain occurs, you have a small window to completely remove the stain using household products. Wool is the wonder fiber which is why a large number of Handmade Area Rugs are created using this fiber as the main ingredient.

Cold water with a small amount of detergent and blotting with a white terry cloth can work wonders on removing stains. When that just won’t do, a professional rug cleaning facility will handle almost anything you can throw at them. These area rugs clean up like new every time when they are properly cared for. General rule of thumb is cleaning them every five years or when serious stains such a pet deposits occur. You can never over clean a Handmade Area Rug. These Area Rugs are meant to be washed and the more they are taken care of, the longer they last.

While the initial investment of a quality Handmade Area Rug can be a bit steep, the benefits far exceed the cons. Just knowing that you have purchased a quality piece that’s meant to last is piece of mind enough. Couple that with the ability to handle small stains in the home and have the ability to trade in is reason enough to make the purchase of a Handmade Rug. 

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