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Rug Guard Fiber Protectant

Rug Guard is our signature fiber protectant. It’s a professional-strength treatment that we apply to area rugs, in order to protect them from possible staining. Rug Guard creates a protective coating that effectively resists soils and stains. Our Rug Guard is safe for all fibers, including silk and sisal, and will not change the look, color or feel of your area rug.

With Rug Guard, your area rug is protected from virtually all liquid stains, including both water-based and oil-based ones. When a spill or soil contacts an unprotected area rug, the fibers within the fabric act like microscopic straws and draw the spill into the surface. By applying Rug Guard to an area rug, it creates an extremely thing polymer barrier that prevents spills and soils from actually contacting the surfaces of the fibers. As a results, spill simply lie on the surfaces and can be easily blotted away before they have the opportunity to create a stain.

It’s of the utmost importance to us to bring our customers a reliable product that not only works, but is also safe to use. That’s why we’ve made sure that Rug Guard is safe for both pets and children, so you can be sure that while your rugs are protected, your family is too!

Rug Guard is applied to your rug after we’ve professionally cleaned it, and will extend the time frame between now and your next cleaning!

To learn more about Rug Guard, please contact us or visit our showroom.

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