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Rug Repair

Over the past few years, we have noticed there has been an increased need for reliable rug repair and restoration. Having originally operated solely as a wash facility, we noticed dozens of our customers would bring rugs in for cleaning, that had damage done to them. When we asked about the damage, we would hear how either they could not find a reliable repair company, had a bad repair job done resulting in damage, or weren’t aware their rugs could even be repaired. We have found that many area rug owners are attached to their rugs, and will do most anything they can to preserve them. So, naturally, we sought out a way to help our customers preserve their meaningful timepieces. We now have a fully equipped repair and restoration department where skilled, and experienced artisans are dedicated, and able to repair even the most delicate of area rugs.

Repairing and restoring your area rug gives it an extended life span and will significantly decrease its chances of being damaged further. By tending to, and repairing, any worn areas, not only are the specific areas now protected, but the repairs will help prevents the areas around them from succumbing to any wear and tear as well — thus protecting the rug for years to come.

While repairing an area rug can make a great difference in the appearance and life span of a rug, it is important to note that in order for it to be successful, the repair must be done correctly, and professionally. Having spent over a decade caring for rugs from around the world, here at Orange County Rug Cleaners, our artisans have the necessary knowledge, and experience, to restore even the most valuable, or antique, of area rugs.

Repair services we offer:

  • Fringe repair/replacement
  • Reweave holes/tears
  • Color Correction (fix dye bleeding)
  • Rug backing repair or replacement
  • Side cord repair/addition
  • Rug resizing

Rug Restoration

Repairing a rug is an element of rug restoration. With “restoration,” the objective is to bring the rug back to its original condition. Since area rugs are built to be a long-term investment — and many are passed down for generations to come — rug restoration is often quite important.

More often than not, aging works to a rugs benefit. For example, ordinary wear and tear ages the wool fibers within a rug, and oxidation progresses the hues in them. This combination results in a lovely sheen that you cannot achieve without natural aging. With that being said, in order to keep your rug from declining with age, a repair or two can protect your rug from deteriorating over time, while also preserving its naturally-aged features.

Authentic and professional rug restoration requires that similar materials, if not the exact ones used to make the rug, are used when restoring it. This means that the materials used must be of a similar age, dye and fiber. To ensure we are properly equipped to restore rugs from any age or region of the world, we have a yarn “library” filled with plenty of yarn, ranging from all ages and hues.

While we are properly prepared to tend to any rug’s needs, it is important to note that some area rugs are not worth repairing. What this means is that often times the repair itself will cost more than value of the rug itself. So as to ensure restoring your rug is economically feasible, we immediately inspect each rug upon arrival, in order to determine the approximate value of the rug, and then ultimately, if restoring the rug would be advantageous.

As a company that prides itself on honesty, we vow to always provide our customers with an accurate rug valuation. If the repair is not worth a customer’s money, we promise to let you know!

With over a decade of restoration experience, our artisans possess the necessary knowledge and materials to properly restore any rug and look forward to helping you restore and preserve your meaningful piece.