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The best way to protect your Karastan area rug from wear and tear is by having your Karastan rug professionally cleaned. The general rule is to have your Karastan rug washed every 5 years. This is the best and only way to prevent bigger repairs in the future. Over time, Karastan wool area rugs get filled with dust and dirt in the foundation of the rug. This buildup of dust over time can, and will start to chip away at the fibers causing your Karastan rug inconsiderate damage. Karastan rug fibers lose elasticity due to the natural wool drying out over time. The good news is that cleaning a rug can support in treating all these problems.

A fully cleaning of a Karastan wool area rug should be soft to the touch and completely deodorized. Karastan rug cleaning will bring back the original colors of the Karastan rug, and many times present new colors that were previously unseen prior to the wash. An added bonus of Karastan rug cleaning, is removing any bugs or moths. These insects love dirty wool and will eat anywhere from a small amount, to a basketball size hole in your Karastan area rug. No cause for alarm, cleaning and introducing moth repellent will completely eliminate your rug of moths.

When you complete a Karastan rug cleaning, dust and dirt from deep in the rug is removed during a dry dusting. The rug is dusted and re-dusted until no more dry soil is detectable. The Karastan area rug is then taken to a concrete wash floor and submerged in fresh water. Color stabilizers are added if needed and then the Karastan area rug is washed. Essentially a river of clean water is created and then gentle shampoos are applied, to remove all dirt and soil in the area rug.

This river like effect washes and cleans away all the dirt from deep down in the rug right into a drain. Only fresh clean water comes in contact with the area rug during the entire washing and cleaning process. Special attention is also given to Karastan area rugs that have fringe. A cleaning agent is added purely to the fringe that is made special for wool. The area rug is then completely rinsed in fresh water again and all noticeable shampoo and dirt is removed. A squeegee is used to remove as much water as possible and your Persian area rug is rolled up and put into a centrifuge.

This machine is essentially a giant washing machine that works like the spin cycle in your home unit. The spinning action removes up to 95% of all water and any trace of dirt that may have missed during the wash. Another benefit of a centrifuge is that it opens up the fibers and brings back life to your Karastan area rug. After the area rug has been removed from the centrifuge, it is taken and hung to dry in a special drying chamber. This room is set at a high temperature with a low humidity, the ideal climate for drying a natural fiber rug. The area rug is finally removed from the drying room the following morning and undergoes quality control prior to making pickup or delivery arrangements.

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