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Does using a rug pad really make a difference? Is it worth the extra money or is it just a waist? If so, what are the benefits for using a pad?

Why Use Rug Pad on Your Area Rugs?

So you made the purchase of your new area rug and you’re curious about if you need a rug pad to along with your rug purchase. To put it frank, the answer is yes. A pad doesn’t just add cushion to your rug, it also protects the rug from extra wear and tear and adds a barrier for your floors. Whether you are putting your rug on hardwood or tile, a pad is highly suggested to go along with it.

Why Use Rug Pad on Your Area Rugs?

With a variety of different rug pads on the market, how do you go about choosing the correct one? Well let’s start with the most common which is the honeycomb or waffle type thin pad available everywhere. These are by far the most affordable pad and are available at all major retailers. The pros to this pad is the price, the ease of cutting to size and is available everywhere. This area rug pad is good for use on ceramic tile floors, concrete and engineered wood. It is however not recommended for use on natural stone or real hardwood as it can leave permanent marks over time as the rug pad starts to break down.

Why Use Rug Pad on Your Area Rugs?

Next up is the thin rubber type area rug pad. This rug pad doesn’t offer much in the way of cushion but does offer good skid protection. This pad is also very affordable and good for runners, smaller rugs and kitchen/bath mats. As stated with the prior pad, this type is good on ceramic tile and engineered wood. Not recommended for natural stone or real hardwood.

Another very popular rug pad is the thicker felt type pad. This pad is on the pricier side but by far offers the most bang for your buck. This pad offers a great cushion to the rug and helps protect the structural aspect of the rug. The underside of the pad is a rubber composite that does an excellent job of holding the rug in place. It is great for all types of flooring and is recommended for natural stone and hardwood floors. This pad is recommended for larger rugs size 6×9, 8×10, 9×12 etc. The life span of this pad is also excellent and greatly outlasts the previous pads discussed.

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