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Comprehending what sort of rug material is best for your space is principal. It’s fundamental to take a gander at how a space will be used, what kind of movement it will get, and how much solace you need. Take a gander at our smart manual for the most generally used materials for area rugs and the upsides and drawbacks of each underneath.


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The most broadly perceived area rug material used for floor covers is wool, prized for its robustness and sensitivity.

Why we treasure wool area rugs: Strong; extraordinary stain and water repellency; incredible securing properties; agreeable underneath.

Things to consider: Not helpful for saturated places as it ingests stickiness; subject to obscuring

Best to live: rooms, relax areas, high-development regions


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Extreme and sparkling, silk mats are adored for their fragile quality and unassuming sheen.

Why we treasure silk area rugs: Very fragile and lavish feel; preferred unobtrusive components over wool

Things to consider: Requires capable cleaning; can demonstrate impressions

Best for: Bedrooms, low-action regions



It’s practically once in a while used to make level weave carpets, for instance, dhurries and kilims.

Why we love cotton area rugs: Generally more sensible than wool or silk; easy to clean

Things to consider: Doesn’t by and large destroy well over drawn extends of time

Best for: Kitchens, adolescents’ rooms, agreeable spaces



Solid, basic grasses and diverse fibers join unprejudiced, healthy palettes and rich surfaces, making them a conclusive arrangement chameleons.

Why we love sisal, jute, and ocean grass area rugs: Very strong; renewable; normally free from compound handling

Things to consider: collections can be coarse and difficult to clean

Best to live: rooms, high-development and sunny regions


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Man-made fibers including thick, nylon, and polypropylene. They have been upgraded during the time to imitate the characteristics of ordinary fibers.

Why we esteem manufactured area rugs: Easy to clean; family-pleasing; can be used as a piece of damp conditions; many sorts can be used outside

Things to consider: Doesn’t for the most part feel sumptuous

Best for: Hallways, outside (note: not each and every built carpet are sensible for outdoors use), high-development and sunny zones